Health NXT Design Thinking and Visual Storytelling LIVE - NASH

June 19, 2019


Join us for a full day of highly engaging and interactive sessions focused on Design Thinking and Visual Storytelling, designed exclusively for healthcare practitioners, executives, entrepreneurs, and investors.

The fast-paced agenda includes: 

  • Mini-workshops led by inspiring speakers and coaches (see sessions and bios below)
  • TED-like presentations by entrepreneurs on critical challenges they're addressing in the industry - Information on the Health NXT Fund
  • Updates from Health NXT City Chairs on what's happening in other markets

With plenty of time for dialogue, your ticket includes continental breakfast, lunch, and a closing reception. A Health NXT members-only dinner wraps up the evening. We look forward to seeing you Wednesday, June 19

- David Nour & Marc Wolfe, Event Hosts


7:30 AM: Registration & Continental Breakfast

8:15 AM: Welcome & Health NXT Vision

8:30 AM: Strategy Visualization: Why Your Health Story Simplified Will Be More Impactful ~ David Nour and Lin Wilson, Creative Director

10:00 AM: Break

10:15 AM: The Interactive Health Learning Difference ~ Tory Van Voorhis, CEO – Second Avenue Learning

10:45 AM: The Storytelling Leader in the Evolution of Healthcare ~ David Hutchens – Author, Developer of Leaders, and Cocreator of Better Narratives

12:15 PM: Lunch

1:00 PM: Digital Health Stories That Resonate and Transform ~ Alex Kramer, Senior Analyst, Product Strategy – Tufts Health Plan

1:30 PM: Turning Your Health Presentations into Conversations ~ Greg Rosner, Founder, CMO – PitchKitchen

3:00 PM: Break

3:15 PM: The Changing Winds in U.S. Healthcare ~ Marcus Whitney, CEO – Health:Further

3:45 PM: Health Consumerism and Retail Stories Worth Learning From ~ Ken Robbins, CEO – Response Mine Health

4:15 PM: Health NXT Fund: Success Proofing the Health Entrepreneurs’ Journey ~ Phil Ostwalt, Health NXT Executive Committee Fund; Eric Dobson, President – Angel Capital Group (ACG)

4:30 PM: Key Takeaways, Upcoming Events, and Final Thoughts ~ Marc Wolfe, Nashville Founding City Chair – Health NXT; Elizabeth Thornton, Director of Marketing

5:00 PM: Reception

6:15 PM: Health NXT Member Dinner

Content Descriptions:

Strategy Visualization: Why Your Health Story Simplified Will Be More Impactful

David Nour, Founder & CEO – Health NXT, and Lin Wilson, Creative Director


  • What if health practitioners, executives, entrepreneurs and investors were able to say more with less?

  • What if health professionals clarified unnecessarily complicated health ecosystem dynamics?

  • What if health insurers simplified everything from enrollment to member benefits explanations?

  • What if brilliant entrepreneurs spent less effort trying to prove how smart they were and more effort creating dialogue and co-created paths forward?

That’s where strategy visualization comes in. Join best-selling author of Co-Create and Health NXT founder, David Nour, and Creative Director, Lin Wilson as they take the audience through this 90-min, highly interactive and hands-on workshop on turning ideas into visual concepts.  Come prepared to actually draw, as Lin and David walk you through how to visually simplify, clarify, and communicate your vision, strategic path, or a specific process flow. 

The Interactive Health Learning Difference: How to shift your performance curve through training and development

Tory Van Voorhis, CEO – Second Avenue Learning


Visual storytelling goes hand-in-hand with effective and impactful training. In 2019 and beyond, that training cannot be the same learning and development path of the past. In the face of continuous disruption in healthcare, organizations that want to improve the patient experience and overall population health, while reducing clinician and staff burnout, must change their approach to learning and execution. Top-performing companies are those who manage to innovate and shift the performance curve. How do they do it? Join Tory Van Voorhis, CEO of Second Avenueas she shares examples of highly engaging, interactive learning journeys. In this hands-on workshop, Tory will ask participants to think about a challenging learning opportunity that they can redesign, reinvent, or reinvigorate during the session.

The Storytelling Leader in the Evolution of Healthcare

David Hutchens – Author, Developer of Leaders, and Cocreator of Better Narratives


A story experience that speaks to the heart of leadership

If you’re a leader, you’re the narrator. Today, more and more organizations are recognizing the power of narrative and story as a core leadership discipline. 

Are you developing the organization? Tell a story. Inviting customers and markets to engage with your offerings? Tell a story. Are you looking for powerful ways to speed the change process, disseminate knowledge, and bring clarity to your complex work? Tell a story!

In this fun and interactive program, bestselling business author David Hutchens will introduce you to the fast-growing body of theory around organizational narrative. Then, you'll get to work identifying the narrative assets that define your work.

How to Turn Your Presentation into a Conversation

Greg Rosner, Founder, CMO – PitchKitchen

Most websites and presentations are all "ABOUT US" and how awesome "our solution" is which nobody cares about and everyone ignores. How do you enroll your audiences in your innovation? How do you get them to change?

Your audiences care about their problems and what they are trying to accomplish. If you want your ideas or perspective to become their health solution you must involve yourself inside a conversation about your audiences' transformation story. This workshop will help you clarify the #1 problem your audience has as it relates to your idea, perspective or solution and how you can design a conversation that engages, changes minds, and moves others to act.

[1] Clarifying your message - turn your solution into a problem-centric message that resonates with your audience

[2] Power of three - Design a three-part conversational presentation around the change you believe in

[3] Create your three-word story

This unforgettable 90-minute highly interactive workshop will tap your creative brainstorming about your audiences' story and the conversation you need to have with them. This interactive session will include pairing up, use of for live projected Q&A and polling, post-it-note brainstorming, and mini-presentations.

Digital Health Stories That Resonate and Transform

Alex Kramer, Senior Analyst, Product Strategy – Tufts Health Plan


Hundreds of digital health vendors are growing to offer healthcare organizations new ways to engage their customers in healthy activities to improve outcomes for the organization and their customers. But healthcare organizations are inherently designed to be risk averse, which makes it difficult to evaluate and adopt these potentially valuable new technologies. Tufts Health Plan has developed a pilot strategy to overcome these traditional barriers and deliver innovative solutions to our members. This session will explain how Tufts is planning to partner with innovative new vendors to offer a wider range of digital health technologies to improve health outcomes.

The Winds of Change in US Healthcare

Marcus Whitney, CEO – Health:Further


Marcus Whitney is Founder and CEO of Health:Further, as well as Co-Founder and Partner at Jumpstart Health Investors. Marcus founded Health:Further in 2015 when he sensed that significant forces of change were about to enter the healthcare industry, and that there was a need to convene a diverse group of leaders from different segments, industry incumbents, investors and innovators to share insights and learn from each other to navigate the path ahead. 

As a co-founder and partner of Jumpstart Health Investors, Marcus helped build the most active healthcare venture capital firm in the country, investing in over 80 companies in five years. This has given him expert-level insight into innovations happening in digital health, AI and the rise of consumer healthcare models. 

Health NXT Fund: Success Proofing the Health Entrepreneurs’ Journey

Phil Ostwalt, Health NXT Executive Committee Fund Chair, President, DL Phillips Investment Builders


Phil seeks to combine his passion for working with creative, well-intentioned, hardworking professionals with his 35+ years of accounting and consulting experience to build networks that support innovation and those who are driving new ideas.

Eric Dobson, President – Angel Capital Group (ACG)


Eric Dobson is the Chief Executive Officer of the Angel Capital Group, a national syndicate of angel groups and funds.  He spent the last 27 years working in government and the private sector, the last 16 in start-up technology ventures. He was the founder of four companies, helped found six, and led investments in 25 more.  Eric has served as the CEO of several companies and has expertise in strategic planning, business development, technology licensing, R&D, commercialization, intellectual property development, corporate leadership, and early stage private equity investing.  He now applies all the hard-earned knowledge and experience from these ventures and exploits to venture-style investing.  

Health Consumerism and Retail Stories Worth Learning From

Ken Robbins, CEO – Response Mine Health


Retailers are relentlessly focused on the customer. The customer’s satisfaction informs everything from services, staffing, pricing and even innovation. In this new world of health consumerism, healthcare organizations need to think like retailers. Ken Robbins, CEO and Founder of Response Mine Health, will lead this session designed to provoke new ideas on how to improve your relationship with your customers, members, and patients, win them, and keep them for life by applying ideas from retail experiences.


7:30 AM - Registration

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM - Program

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM - Reception


The Wond'ry | Vanderbilt University

2414 Highland Avenue, Nashville, TN, 37212, United States

Room ESB 044/048, located on the 1st floor.


Event Pricing: 

$250 Regular Registration 

FREE to Health NXT Members* 

*Learn about the benefits of Health NXT Membership at

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